10 Decoration Ideas of Your Coffee Shop

Before launching your coffee shop business, the first thing you need to do is to decorate it inside and out. This is to capture the attention of your possible customers after launch of your business. Well remember, there are so many great ideas you can implement. It’s all up to your creativity and skills in making your coffee shop “alluring” to customers. Now to give you some ideas, here are some of the 10 decoration ideas for your coffee shop so read on and be informed.

Coffee Shop Decoration Ideas

1.One of the creative ways on how you can decorate your coffee shop is by displaying your own collection. Well, for instance you are a collector of coffee mugs of all shapes and sizes then you can place it accordingly in your coffee shop. This way, customers would be interested and be amazed with your collections and they would regularly visit your place.

2. You can also put a vintage look in your coffee shop. You can paint the interior of your shop in earth tone colors. Make it look like your shop is a coffee shop in Paris, France to let your customers feel that they are in France.

3. Decorating your tables and chairs is also a good idea. You can use old tables and chairs for a more laidback look in your shop.

4. Use proper lighting in your shop. It is important that your lighting fixture is quite pleasing in the eyes. You can use lamps or lanterns and place it accordingly in your shop.

5. It is also a good idea to decorate your shop in a simple way. Don’t just put furniture or other items in your coffee shop which has no relevance in the overall interior design of the shop.

6. Placing images or paintings which is related to coffee is also a good idea. This will enhance the decoration of your shop for sure.

7. Using recyclable or antique items in your coffee shop is yet another good idea. You can place vintage chairs or tables and other antique items to beautify your establishment.

8. Of course you would also want to decorate your shop using the latest technology today. You can place new models of coffee machines or the latest items in making coffee. This way, your customers would regularly flock your business.

9. Outside your coffee shop, you can place your coffee shop’s name. Make sure it can be easily seen and make your billboard captivating by placing added decorations.

10. To add more beauty in your coffee shop, your brand name should also be placed in your coffee mugs, custom printed cups and disposable coffee containers. This is just one way on how you can promote your business to your customers.

There are so many ways on how you can decorate your coffee shop. Use your interior decoration skills and knowledge and for sure, customers would visit your business on a regular basis because of the excellent ambiance, good service and excellent coffee you are serving to them.

Ideas for a Budget Travel Vacation

All Airline companies want you to think that you need to spend thousands of dollars to fly across the globe just to have a fun and relaxing vacation. This cannot be farther away from the truth because there are ways to have a cheap vacation close to your home and it can still prove to be the best experience ever. There is only a few hours of travel time and low cost of expense with no hassle with airlines or taxes. Here are some ideas for budget trips that you need to consider if you want to go on a budget vacation.


This is best for people who love being one with nature and don’t like spending tons of money on a grand vacation. Camping will save you money especially when it comes to accommodation and if you have all the gear that you need, the cost of your vacation will be very low. Camping helps you get away from traffic, your job and other people that you don’t want to spend your day with. You can choose to go on a hike or lay in your tent while reading a book.
  You can also spend quiet time with your friends and family or you can choose to create a bonfire and bond with them during the nighttime.

Biking Trips

This is another budget idea if you want to go on a vacation and own a good bike. What you need to do is to pack some
lightweight suitcases and do some camping along the way or stay in hotels so you don’t have to bring a tent or a sleeping bag. Choose trails where there is no traffic so you can take your time and not be battling traffic. Always make sure that you have all the gears that you need for biking before going on this trip.


This is a slang that refers to sleeping over at people’s couches and is supported by a worldwide organization to help people travel without spending anything on accommodation. If you choose to do some couch surfing, you will also meet the people who live in the house and interact with them instead of just travelling alone without meeting anyone. Couchsurfing is fun if you want a low cost adventure with a good bed to sleep in every night.

House Exchange

This is a popular idea that began years back. The main idea is to trade your house with another house in a foreign country for a week or more. This will save you money for accommodation by not checking in to expensive hotels. Staying at a certain place for a long period of time will help you get to know the place better and create more chances of you meeting people who live there. Make sure that the person you decide to exchange your house with is a friend that you know and will take care of your house like you do his. 
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