Getting a Cannabis Dispensary License


There is a lot of hype on the medical benefits of cannabis, some have been medically proven, and some have not. One group that has certainly benefited from this is cancer patients. Since the current trend is to go for herbal medicine, other patients can also benefit from this even as more research indicates that marijuana is not just a recreational drug. Here are some things you need to do in order to get your business license.

Find a Business Location

Marijuana happens to be one of the most controversial plants in history. We know that from all the songs that have been sang about it and all those long lectures given to us by school authorities. This means that there are some places where the dispensary will not be as welcome as our projected profit margin would like it to be. Some cities and states may not have legalized it while others have laws regarding how far the dispensary should be from schools and playgrounds. Find a location that is appropriate and still good for business

Read the Law

Even though it has been legalized in your area of business, there are still laws that are used to govern the sale, use, and advertising of all types of medicine and herbal medicine in particular. Find a lawyer who will interpret the state and federal laws for you. There are also special laws for cannabis.

Write a Business Plan

All successful business people will tell you the significance of a business plan. You have clearer business objectives, it makes it easier to prioritize and delegate, managing cash flow is easier, and so on. The point is, it is nearly pointless to start without a medical marijuana dispensary business plan. You can download a medical marijuana business plan template to guide you.

Get the capital

Due to the controversies related to this type of business, operating licenses are not as cheap as those needed for other businesses. You should be clear on how much money you need and all the resources available to you before you start the business.

The marijuana dispensary business is fast becoming a very profitable business venture. It might be easier for those already operating a herbal or conventional medicine clinic to venture into this business, but start-ups with a good business plan will also be able to profit from it.

Wedding Planning

Event Management as a career is one that could be very beneficial to the individual wishing to go that route. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing the excited look on your clients’ faces when they see a job well done. The planning part requires a whole lot of expertise and attention to detail. There are many events taking place in society these days, one of them being weddings. Today’s brides have the luxury of hiring a wedding planner, someone who will actually bring their dream to fruition without the bride herself having to do the runarounds. Here we’ll explore some of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner.

Time Saver

We all know that to keep up with the times we have to work to make ends meet. Imagine being a bride in this era, trying to plan a wedding and still having to make sure you job won’t suffer. It’s tedious, and that’s why most of us rush to enlist the help of a wedding planner. Usually these guys will require an initial sit down with them whereby you tell them exactly what you want your wedding to be like, then they’re left with the big task of actually making that happen. As days progress, you and your planner can be meeting occasionally to gauge his or her progress. That’s all it takes in terms of your time input towards your wedding.

Venue Search

For the bride who at least tried planning her own wedding first before eventually settling for a planner, we all know how hectic it is to get that venue that speaks you. A planner has all the necessary contacts at their fingertips and will therefore know exactly where to get that dream venue, without much of a hustle. Such components as number of guests, lighting, catering services and much more, are put into consideration when trying to get a bride’s perfect venue.


Getting entertainment for a wedding is probably the most challenging task. A planner has to put into consideration the couple’s likes and dislikes, as well as try to get a team that will be entertaining to all age groups present at the wedding. One can never go wrong with wedding bands though. A well trained band will be able to look at the guests and figure out what will be ideal for them. The planner therefore has to make sure that the band chosen is one that will keep guests well entertained throughout the event.

As you have probably figured out already, wedding planning involves a lot and therefore requires time and energy. For the planner who decides to go with bands, then look no further than the Los Angeles area. There are a lot of wedding bands that offer services at corporate events Los Angeles, and many at quite an affordable range.

Great Tips To Great Advertisement Strategy


My dad was a very successful businessman prior to his death three years ago. And so when I finished up my degree I simply wanted to follow in his footsteps. As a young man who was just getting into the field, every lesson that I learned from my dad was going to be quite important. One that I never wanted to forget however was always those that I learned from him on the best ways to advertise a business. 

From simple tips on Print Advertising Design to very ideal advertisement tips something always taught me to hold these lessons well. In the most ideal adverts my dad taught me that spending money was always paramount. In simple words he always told me to spend money to get money. But he always insisted that when spent on the best advertisement designs the money would eventually come back.

Again another lesson that I learned well from my dad way how to tell if an advert was best for business. My dad taught me the best adverts were those that would at the end of it all translate into sales. And while they indeed brought in more sales, they would also at the same time bring in new clients to your door step. And dad was right because while you spend on an ideal Print Advertising Design you will find that for you to say that one such design is successful it has to always translate to more sales, and new clients.

As if that was never enough my dad also insisted that any ideal advertisement designs such as a Newspaper Ad Design would always reach out on the same level with the targeted audience of your business. Therefore before coming up with an ad it is usually ideal to know your targeted audience. Nothing remains cool than an entrepreneur that knows where his goods are needed at. 

Also in his own words, having a Newspaper Ad Design for instance that would highlight the most basic selling points of your product would always be a way to kick off your competitors off the market. So according to dad the testimony of what your product could do and its ideal benefits was always the right bullet to kill with your competition.             

At the end of it all, it was painful that my greatest mentor had passed on, but one thing that has always fulfilled my heart is the lessons I learned from him.    
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