Top 5 Legal Mistakes Divorcees Make During Their Divorce Process


Untying the knot is hard to do but sometimes it’s inevitable. But what are the worst mistakes that divorcing partners make with their legal process? Read along and find out what the expert Miami divorce attorneys say. 

1.Fighting For Custody Without Understanding The Concept

Child custody means making major life decisions for your child. It includes visitation, parenting time, and residential custody (where your child lives most of the time). But if your divorce is a highly contested one with overwhelming emotions, joint custody would be a nightmare meaning that sole custody would be best. So before making your kid’s life a living hell, know what type of custody best suits them. 

2.Going For The Wrong Divorce Process To Your Loss

Today a divorce process ain’t as tough as it used to be before for there are best options to choose from. You can use mediation where a neutral party oversees your divorce process while keeping the interest of every party at hand, negotiation where both you and your soon to be ex partner can still talk and agree on how to divide the assets mutually, collaborative law, or the courts if you must. What’s vital is to choose a divorce process that will work for you.

3.Not Collecting All The Vital Financial Information

With divorce it’s no doubt your marriage will be annulled. You’ll be starting off a new life with no partner. However you had achieved all your assets in marriage and dividing them will be the most logical thing to do. So from debts, assets, to liquid cash collect a detailed inventory plus what each of you earns. This is to facilitate a fair division of wealth because you can’t figure out whether you’ll be able to support yourself after the decree unless you know how much you have.

4.Using The Social Media To Batter Your Spouse

It could be Facebook or Twitter that makes you look cool when you’re taunting your soon to be ex spouse but what I have learnt from Miami divorce attorneys will surprise you. Social media is a public forum and many people see your posts and everything you post will be used against you. Many people have lost many divorce cases because of social media posts. So keep off the social media when going through divorce since once something goes to the cyberspace it stays forever.

5.Going For The Wrong Divorce Attorneys

It could be in a desire to cut down the final costs or even because you needed a quick fix with your case, but trust me that could be your funeral. You know yourself and you understand your crazy spouse who will fight to death to see you nailed.  Go for an expert divorce attorney that has the right certification, experience, and personality to counter all these. An expert family lawyer! 

Divorce processes can be tough so you must be prepared at your best if you must nail the best deal. Starting off by keeping away from these top mistakes will be best.
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