What is Woocommerce Plugin?

Have you heard of a woocommerce plugin? Ever wondered what it is? We are here to help. A woocommerce plugin simply an open source e-commerce plugin specifically designed for use in WordPress.

What this means is that a woocommerce plugin can therefore be used only by large-sized online merchants that are using WordPress to support their web based sales activities. Woocommerce plug in is easy to use. It is also very easy to install. But above all it is entirely a free base product.

Because of this, many large sized online sites that sell products have found it to be more cost effective. You can sell anything online using the woocommerce plugin. Personally I love the woocommerce plug in because it gives it gives absolute control to ecommerce store owners a complete control of their sales activities.

What makes woocommerce plugin a top notch product for ecommerce websites is its ease of installation. With WordPress in place you can always follow this simple process to make sure that you have your woocommerce plugin up and running in no minute.

·         Start by Login in to your WordPress Admin Panel
·         Now scroll to Plugins and click on “Add New”
·         In the section provided type in “WooCommerce”
·         Run the search when done/ by hitting on “Enter” button.
·         You will find WooCommerce right up your screen.
·         Once found you should then click on “Install Now”
·         Then click on “Yes” and let Wordpress run the Installation.

By this simple process your WooCommerce plugin should be up and running. Like we had mentioned, woocommerce is a product feed plugin and that’s why many online traders love it.
Better still, because WordPress is a fully open source, using woocommerce means there no limitations to what you could sell using this plugin. Additionally you can easily optimize your website to have the best selling points, to suit your business needs, and to satisfy your customers’ buying tendencies.

In fact many developers have today made the woocommerce experience rather enjoyable to work with as they have created woocommerce optimized theme and offered them for free. Now many major ecommerce websites including shopify is using woocommerce. Research estimates that about 30% of all online stores are now powered by woocommerce.

WooCommerce is super ideal for variable products. This is because like any ideal Google merchant product feed it offers a set of variation in products including sizes, colors, designs, and pricing. 
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