How To Treat Your First Time Massage Client


I have owned an ideal thai massage parlor for close to five years now. During this period, I have come to realize that the most vital thing is and one that’ll keep your clients coming back is the very first experience that you give them when they sign up for your massage therapy sessions. Here are some of the tips that will help you to give your massage therapy clients the best first time experience. 

When a new clients walks in, always introduce yourself. Use your full names, give them a warm handshake, and address them while maintaining an eye contact. And if they are your day to day clients still you can involve them in a chit chat since it helps you to maintain the bond and relate freely before, during, and after the massage therapy sessions. 

Next you should have your new clients fill in the health forms. Health forms will help you to understand a client’s problems better even if they weren’t willing to explain it in details. It also improves on client confidentiality and helps them to have an awesome experience during your services. And if you haven’t seen a client for over a month or in a couple of weeks a health form will help you to get answers to all the questions you need without having to ask them over and over again. 

When the health form has been filled confirm if it has been done appropriately and if every section has been filled out. Go over the form with your clients and ask them relevant questions on what they have filled out. During this time, you will have the chance to dig deeper and even find other clarifications that you seek. For instance you could bump onto medications that you have never heard before and this is the only time you could ask. 

After this you should explain to your client how you are going to help them. Tell them what massage therapy treatment would be ideal and ask them to make a choice later on. With such info your client will be able to make an informed choice. Explain to them how you will give them the massage by either using your own body as an example or showing the any pre recorded videos that you have.

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How To Choose a Jogging Stroller

I often get requests for suggestions or recommendations on buying the best jogging stroller. In response to these inquires these top three things need to be crystallized to get parents to the right track:

• Forget Pricey & Fancy Brand Names

Good strollers tend to cost more but are worth every penny, yet that shouldn’t be the turning point for buying strollers.  Trust me, a fancy brand name is just a name, but a good sized seat, large air-filled wheels and a decent shopping basket is the stuff that matters. A proper jogging stroller is going to be your best friend for years so think in the best aspects that will make it to last.

• Keep Your Intended Use In Mind

Figure out what you will be using the stroller for - is it for the evening runs, day to day hiking, or stroller marathons? Thing is with your needs differing you will need a stroller that totally fits into them. For instance rollerbladers and runners will need a fixed front wheel, high performance stroller, while the moderate joggers can even get by with a swivel wheel.

• Big is the New Gig

No brag intended but jogging strollers must be a decent size more so if you are looking for the best double jogging stroller. The idea is that you should be free to load it up and just go anywhere that you’d love to even for a full day. And since it’s your little one’s best ride it should no doubt be comfortable and big. So think less of whether it folds small enough to save space in your trunk since ideally some strollers are designed to take up as little as possible space in a trunk but are useless for even moderate walking.

Here are some more tips on choosing a jogging stroller that would work awesomely for you too. 

A lightweight frame, large underneath basket and a roomy reclining seat are far more important for your stroller than the cup holders or the mp 3 players that many of us usually go for. Again focus on whether a stroller is reliable, sturdy, and simple in construction. They should also be good for sleeping and should have enough storage space at the backseat net or underneath basket that you can use to load it up and keep your hands free. 

Finally when you’ve bought a stroller take time to test drive it first if you can. And during that time take your time to look into the following factors. 

• check how easy it rolls around

• whether it goes straight or pushes you of the track.

• how well is it balanced in that it should stand firmly on the ground even when carrying a full diaper bag on the handle.

If you have any doubts, read the stroller's user manual for more tips on how to use it, yet if buying online read reviews and pay attention to these points rather than how much the stroller weighs.
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