Five Most Popular Wedding Venues in Essex County

Searching for a wedding venue can be exciting and fun. In Essex County, there is a wide variety of exciting wedding venues to choose from. Whether you want a middle century castle, a stately manor, a barn, or a first class hotel, you can easily find a venue that will take your breath away and make your wedding day memorable for all your guests. When compiling this list of the five most popular venues, we took into consideration some deciding factors such as photographic opportunities, location, capacity, guest suites, parking, catering, and the professionalism of staff.

Forrester Park Golf and Country Club

With a traditional 16th century barn setting and a large country house on beautiful countryside, Forrester is arguably the most popular wedding venues in Essex. There are well manicured lawns, gardens and patios which form a nice backdrop to photo sessions. Located between Colchester and Chelmsford, the country club is easily accessible from Witham, Tiptree, and Maldon. Wedding facilities include function rooms, cloakrooms, fully licensed bars, and a classy Clubroom.

Hedingham Castle

Constructed in the early 12th century and with a four-floor keep, this traditional castle offers a picturesque setting that can awe any wedding couple and their guests. With a spacious banquet hall, a 4-span red brick bridge, lovely red brick Queen Anne-style mansion, and superbly kept grounds, there is room for large guest parties and plenty of colorful photographic opportunities. The Lindsay family currently owns the castle and the estate.

Newland Hall

One of the best advantages of Newland hall is that you have exclusive use of the property on your wedding day. This country estate has a beautiful 15th century Tudor manor with lovely gardens and a moat located on over 100 acres of land. The venue is exclusively used for weddings and their highly qualified and experienced members of staff are some of the best wedding planners in the world.

Stockbrook Manor

Located near Billericay on the outskirts of Stock village, the Stockbrook Manor covers over 200 acres inclusive of a 27-hole world class golf course. There are several dedicated wedding function rooms and 2 good sized banquet suites to cater for large weddings of up to 250 guests. There is a lawn marquee and smaller function rooms to cater for more intimate weddings. The grounds offer many panoramic and breathtaking photography scenes to choose from.

Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Golf, and Spa

Located at the Suffolk border, the Stoke by Nayland property covers about 300 acres of plush countryside. The venue offers a traditional country wedding setting in a secluded location that is easily accessible from the nearby cities and towns. The hotel has exquisitely constructed private balconies and terraces which accommodate large guest numbers while affording them privacy from other hotel residents. The hotel boasts of a dedicated world class team of wedding service professionals who can guide you through your wedding planning process.

Mini Warehouse South


Finding access to a rental warehouse in the south shore in Longueuil can be a tiring task. This is because there are hardly any warehouses here and the only ones available are not strategically placed. However, if you are looking for a warehouse to keep your business or personal effects, you can use a mini warehouse south shore. Although they are mini warehouses, you can rent out as many as you need to accommodate the cargo in your possession.  You should be wondering on the costs for renting out many apartments in the mini warehouse well, the good news is that, you they are cheap and affordable. In addition to this, you will always get a free month to continue using the warehouse free of charge. You can take advantage of the free month to ship in more cargo thus maximize on profits. 

Why do you need the mini warehouse south shore?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a mini warehouse south shore. The first reason is the fact that, there are hardly any affordable warehouses in the south shore. The only warehouses fund in this place are big and privately own by manufacturing companies, which means you cannot rent out space within even if you wanted to. In addition to this, there is less ground for warehouses to be built next to the highway, meaning only mini warehouses can be erected. At the reduced rates that the mini warehouses go for, you can take advantage of this and make a comeback. 

Safety and easy discreet access to the mini warehouse is another reason why you should use the warehouse. Most warehouses have monitored movements on all apartments and allocations, and you have to sign papers when you come in and out of the warehouse. These warehouses also operate at designated times of the day, which means you are restricted to their schedule. Although security is tight within and around mini warehouse south shore, you have an unlimited access to all your belongings, and have access key to the container with your cargo. This means you are not constrained to anyone’s budget or time.  The warehouse is also under a 24 hour watch over IP cameras that monitor and record events within and around the area.

Viability is another issue that disturbs many people, especially small and even medium priced vendors. This is because most mini warehouses are not strategically placed for convenience of easy picking. However the mini warehouse south shore is conveniently placed and accessible from the 2 highways in the city. This means pickup trucks, as well as other bigger and heavier trucks can come in and out of the warehouse with ease. The strategic location of this warehouse has also won the favor of many business owners within the shore, as they can use the different sized cubicles to store their belongings. As long as security is tight and you have access to the warehouse whenever you want, this then makes them great and affordable.

The Island Of Bali Safari

Are you looking for a perfect and serene environment for your holiday safari? Then Bali Island is the best place. Bali is a colorful island with amazing natural environment and the people in Bali are also amazing with a unique culture not forgetting the colorful and highly attractive scenery which adds a unique feeling to your safari. Bali is an Island with a great history of religious activities. Here, Indonesians and Indians practice many cultural activities that attract visitors and are a source of income to many of the locals.
Not forgetting recreational services, you can take a break and relax in some of the best and attractive villas in Seminyak. You can also enjoy cool traditional music and dances after a tiresome and long day.

Great Stay

Bali offers facilities that are suitable for you and your family. Children can enjoy quality swimming pool services and beach services with a natural background adding the natural feeling of a safari. The hotel services are of world standards with the traditional food of the Bali people being offered. The most fascinating fact about these villas is the kind of hospitality they offer visitors.  I guess it is one of its own kinds and cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. The staff members are highly competent and visitor-friendly.

Enjoyable experiences 

We stayed in Bali for two weeks and guess what? Every one enjoyed his stay as it was spacious and fresh. We had our own pool at our 3-bedroom villa in Seminyak to add to other facilities that I had the feeling of home away from home. The place is very quiet and peaceful with shops and restaurants readily available if in any case you need extra services. What a wonderful island and I promise if we have a trip again I will recommend the place and will even prolong my stay.

Geographically placed

This tropical island is well placed and enjoys fresh air and a cool climate. Bali is easily accessible to anyone. The island is to the western side of Lombok Island (separated from Lombok Island by the Lombok Strait) in Indonesia. It is one of the provinces and due to its geographical position, one is subjected to cool breezes from the oceanic waters and environment.
Electricity and Security System

The place is very brilliant and shining. We had lovely times during night as there was light in all parts of the island. The system is good in that one would find it difficult to believe you are in a tropical island. From tales we hear back home, you might think all vacation destinations have terrible services when it comes to amenities like water and electricity. The island has high security levels as we could swim all through the night or peacefully walk the streets and even shop at the boutiques.

Good Transport System

There are good and modern transport systems that will link from one point another.  There are modern vans that took us all through the island. The vehicles had some privileges that we enjoyed. For instance, we could make calls while in the van. We had free Wi-Fi and we could browse at no cost.

7 Aspects to Designing Friendship Day Website Banners


“A good friend will bail you out from a police cell after a night of vandalism, but a best friend will be arrested with you” - Anonymous. Haha, we all value friendship and treasure those closest to us. A good friend is a companion and a confidante. S/he provides support, comfort, and advice without being judgmental. It is for these reasons that we celebrate Friendship Day every first Sunday of every August. 

This year (2013), Friendship Day falls on 4th August and in some countries, it is a grand celebration full of festivals, carnivals, gift exchanges, and many other events and festivities.
If you have a business that seeks to attract those clients who want to appreciate their friends on this wonderful day, you may want to start a marketing campaign to create awareness of your products. A dynamic banner maker online may just be your solution to making this special day a success for your clients and your business. To successfully run an online marketing campaign for friendship day, you need to consider these 7 aspects for designing your web banner ads.

Have A Theme

You can centre your web banner ad campaign around a particular theme for friendship day. A good example would be “Friendships That Last” then use themed images. For instance, using a good banner maker online for such a theme you may have friends of different generations showing appreciation for each other. You can have one banner ad with two old people having fun, you can have another showing two friends graduating in one .GIF shot and achieving professional success in another shot for a .GIF or animated banner. This will even coincide well with the just ended graduation period which normally lasts through the month of May.

Feature Your Products

You have to be clear to your viewers that you are not just sending them Friendship Day wishes but you are also offering something that they can use to show their friends how much they appreciate and value them. Show images or brief descriptions of your gift items, cards, floral arrangements, or other services you offer.

Value Proposition

Your clients need to know what value your products will add to their lives. You should have web banner ads that will clearly outline why making their friend know they have a special place in their hearts and lives will strengthen their relationships.

Special Offers

If you are running any promotions or special offers for Friendship Day, show that in your banner ads. It is likely to increase your online conversion rates and offline sales. If clicking on the banner leads to acquiring a coupon, make that clear in the banner ad’s call to action.

Special Landing Page

This is a special day with specially themed products. Therefore, you should create a special landing page featuring only your Friendship Day products. Your banner ads should not lead to the same old products page that you use for every season and occasion. Learn how to create a website banner without photoshop and illustrator.

Lead Generation

Remember to use your banner ad to generate leads. Some of the banner ad’s viewers may not be ready to spend on their friends this August, but there are so many other holidays left in the year and there is always next year’s Friendship Day. Have them leave their contact information so you can regularly inform them of new products and upcoming promotions.


When designing your Friendship Day banner ads, consider where you will be posting the banners. Will it be on a social media site like Facebook? Will it be on a magazine website? Will it be on the website of another retailer with complementary products? Where you post your web banner ads has a direct influence on your conversion rates.
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