The Island Of Bali Safari

Are you looking for a perfect and serene environment for your holiday safari? Then Bali Island is the best place. Bali is a colorful island with amazing natural environment and the people in Bali are also amazing with a unique culture not forgetting the colorful and highly attractive scenery which adds a unique feeling to your safari. Bali is an Island with a great history of religious activities. Here, Indonesians and Indians practice many cultural activities that attract visitors and are a source of income to many of the locals.
Not forgetting recreational services, you can take a break and relax in some of the best and attractive villas in Seminyak. You can also enjoy cool traditional music and dances after a tiresome and long day.

Great Stay

Bali offers facilities that are suitable for you and your family. Children can enjoy quality swimming pool services and beach services with a natural background adding the natural feeling of a safari. The hotel services are of world standards with the traditional food of the Bali people being offered. The most fascinating fact about these villas is the kind of hospitality they offer visitors.  I guess it is one of its own kinds and cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. The staff members are highly competent and visitor-friendly.

Enjoyable experiences 

We stayed in Bali for two weeks and guess what? Every one enjoyed his stay as it was spacious and fresh. We had our own pool at our 3-bedroom villa in Seminyak to add to other facilities that I had the feeling of home away from home. The place is very quiet and peaceful with shops and restaurants readily available if in any case you need extra services. What a wonderful island and I promise if we have a trip again I will recommend the place and will even prolong my stay.

Geographically placed

This tropical island is well placed and enjoys fresh air and a cool climate. Bali is easily accessible to anyone. The island is to the western side of Lombok Island (separated from Lombok Island by the Lombok Strait) in Indonesia. It is one of the provinces and due to its geographical position, one is subjected to cool breezes from the oceanic waters and environment.
Electricity and Security System

The place is very brilliant and shining. We had lovely times during night as there was light in all parts of the island. The system is good in that one would find it difficult to believe you are in a tropical island. From tales we hear back home, you might think all vacation destinations have terrible services when it comes to amenities like water and electricity. The island has high security levels as we could swim all through the night or peacefully walk the streets and even shop at the boutiques.

Good Transport System

There are good and modern transport systems that will link from one point another.  There are modern vans that took us all through the island. The vehicles had some privileges that we enjoyed. For instance, we could make calls while in the van. We had free Wi-Fi and we could browse at no cost.


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