7 Aspects to Designing Friendship Day Website Banners


“A good friend will bail you out from a police cell after a night of vandalism, but a best friend will be arrested with you” - Anonymous. Haha, we all value friendship and treasure those closest to us. A good friend is a companion and a confidante. S/he provides support, comfort, and advice without being judgmental. It is for these reasons that we celebrate Friendship Day every first Sunday of every August. 

This year (2013), Friendship Day falls on 4th August and in some countries, it is a grand celebration full of festivals, carnivals, gift exchanges, and many other events and festivities.
If you have a business that seeks to attract those clients who want to appreciate their friends on this wonderful day, you may want to start a marketing campaign to create awareness of your products. A dynamic banner maker online may just be your solution to making this special day a success for your clients and your business. To successfully run an online marketing campaign for friendship day, you need to consider these 7 aspects for designing your web banner ads.

Have A Theme

You can centre your web banner ad campaign around a particular theme for friendship day. A good example would be “Friendships That Last” then use themed images. For instance, using a good banner maker online for such a theme you may have friends of different generations showing appreciation for each other. You can have one banner ad with two old people having fun, you can have another showing two friends graduating in one .GIF shot and achieving professional success in another shot for a .GIF or animated banner. This will even coincide well with the just ended graduation period which normally lasts through the month of May.

Feature Your Products

You have to be clear to your viewers that you are not just sending them Friendship Day wishes but you are also offering something that they can use to show their friends how much they appreciate and value them. Show images or brief descriptions of your gift items, cards, floral arrangements, or other services you offer.

Value Proposition

Your clients need to know what value your products will add to their lives. You should have web banner ads that will clearly outline why making their friend know they have a special place in their hearts and lives will strengthen their relationships.

Special Offers

If you are running any promotions or special offers for Friendship Day, show that in your banner ads. It is likely to increase your online conversion rates and offline sales. If clicking on the banner leads to acquiring a coupon, make that clear in the banner ad’s call to action.

Special Landing Page

This is a special day with specially themed products. Therefore, you should create a special landing page featuring only your Friendship Day products. Your banner ads should not lead to the same old products page that you use for every season and occasion. Learn how to create a website banner without photoshop and illustrator.

Lead Generation

Remember to use your banner ad to generate leads. Some of the banner ad’s viewers may not be ready to spend on their friends this August, but there are so many other holidays left in the year and there is always next year’s Friendship Day. Have them leave their contact information so you can regularly inform them of new products and upcoming promotions.


When designing your Friendship Day banner ads, consider where you will be posting the banners. Will it be on a social media site like Facebook? Will it be on a magazine website? Will it be on the website of another retailer with complementary products? Where you post your web banner ads has a direct influence on your conversion rates.
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