How Kids Can Celebrate Their Christmas

When Christmas approaches, parents start to worry. All parents have responsibilities of finding their kids the best Christmas games. As a matter of fact, these games offer a great deal of mental stimulation while learning new skills. Many parents nowadays are making use of free online games to help their kids develop certain skills. It is easy to get them online and they are available in many children-friendly sites. They can help the kids to develop a wide variety of skills.

Here Is A List Of Free Games For Kids To Play

Secret builders. Secret builders is a safe game for children aged between 5 to 15 years. A kid plays by exploring the world, finding exciting adventures, chatting with friends and communicating. It uses several menus around the screen to enable the player to go directly to where he wants and spend the whole day wandering around the world on a challenge to win coins.

Oggy’s fries. This is an Oggy and Cockroach game where someone takes your French fries without any request and you try to revenge. You also have to protect your fries by stopping a bunch of Cockroaches from stealing. This is a real fun skill game for kids.

Double digits. This is an educational game involving addition and subtraction with lots of fun.

Greedy’s bakeries. This is another fun game that tests the reaction and speed skills of a kid. It involves catching falling food that falls at a very fast speed to achieve high scores.

Santa Truck 2. Santa Truck 2 is a driving game whereby a player helps the driver many Christmas gifts. It requires good driving skills and steady hand.

Tony the Turtle. This game can be played by both small and big kids, it involves collecting many blue hoops in order to get to the next level.

Dora. This game involves detecting, finding and adventuring with other beloved cartoon characters and using magnifying glasses. It is a real fun and educative game for kids where they have to carefully find numbers between one and ten.

Alone in the kitchen. This is another memory game that trains memory and encourage learning.

Spiderman: Photo hunt. This game encourages photography skills and mouse clicking skills for kids. They try to capture a photo of the Spiderman swinging through the city. It enhances their speedy reaction, eye and hand coordination skills because they have to click the camera as fast as they can.

Online show main game. Online snow man game involves learning abilities because a kid has to learn to weave his way while avoiding to fall on slippery snowballs.

Ladybugs. This is a very cute game that keeps kids racing against ladybugs helping them to find their homes. It is a challenging game that stimulates a kid’s thinking and recognizing colors while enjoying.

Sheep Toss. Sheep toss is another game that involves many skills because it is a very challenging game. But it is a good one in testing accuracy, judgment, patience and mouse clicking skills.

Racing toys. This is a real fun driving game that requires quick reaction and keyboard tapping skills as you conquer all challenges ahead.

Icy Tower. Icy Tower is an interesting game whereby a player controls an object climbing a tower without falling. It also involves quick reaction because you timely jump as the edges breaks and the faster you move the higher you jump.

7 Movies. 7 Movies is another game that involves addition and subtraction mathematics. You use arrow keys on your keyboard to progress on challenging 7 moves while doing the basic calculation.

Circus Acrobat Clowns. This is a game that involves using arrow keys to control the swinging circus acrobat clowns.

Click Only Red. This is a good game for toddlers and preschoolers that enhance learning colors, quick reaction and eye-hand coordination skills.

Bloons Pop Three. This is another fun that involves connecting matching balloons to make them disappear. This game is not time based but it enhances color learning.

Stalk the Frog. This is a fun, simple puzzle game that involves making sure the frog doesn’t hop into the water to lose your game.

Stop worrying about how your kid will celebrate this Christmas because all these gratis spelletjes are available online. Make use of these free games for kids to help your kid acquire some essential skills. It is also important, not to stick to the list above because there is a wide range of free games for kids to play online but these are the most popular games. But you must ensure that your child plays the right kind of games, but you must also let her to get sufficient physical activities as she celebrate her Christmas because too much staying for a long period and detrimental.


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