Getting a Cannabis Dispensary License


There is a lot of hype on the medical benefits of cannabis, some have been medically proven, and some have not. One group that has certainly benefited from this is cancer patients. Since the current trend is to go for herbal medicine, other patients can also benefit from this even as more research indicates that marijuana is not just a recreational drug. Here are some things you need to do in order to get your business license.

Find a Business Location

Marijuana happens to be one of the most controversial plants in history. We know that from all the songs that have been sang about it and all those long lectures given to us by school authorities. This means that there are some places where the dispensary will not be as welcome as our projected profit margin would like it to be. Some cities and states may not have legalized it while others have laws regarding how far the dispensary should be from schools and playgrounds. Find a location that is appropriate and still good for business

Read the Law

Even though it has been legalized in your area of business, there are still laws that are used to govern the sale, use, and advertising of all types of medicine and herbal medicine in particular. Find a lawyer who will interpret the state and federal laws for you. There are also special laws for cannabis.

Write a Business Plan

All successful business people will tell you the significance of a business plan. You have clearer business objectives, it makes it easier to prioritize and delegate, managing cash flow is easier, and so on. The point is, it is nearly pointless to start without a medical marijuana dispensary business plan. You can download a medical marijuana business plan template to guide you.

Get the capital

Due to the controversies related to this type of business, operating licenses are not as cheap as those needed for other businesses. You should be clear on how much money you need and all the resources available to you before you start the business.

The marijuana dispensary business is fast becoming a very profitable business venture. It might be easier for those already operating a herbal or conventional medicine clinic to venture into this business, but start-ups with a good business plan will also be able to profit from it.


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