6 Questions to ask a DJ for Wedding

A DJ plays a crucial and important role in any form of entertainment. When it comes to weddings his role can make or break the mood and excitement of the event. This is why a wedding DJ becomes so important especially on the big day of matrimony.

Will You Be The DJ At The Wedding

This is an extremely important question. Many professional wedding DJs are represented by big agencies, therefore much of the time the person you may be interviewing may not be the one who will actually come to your wedding. It is of great significance to have a personal meeting with the DJ himself. By meeting, it will help you decide whether you feel comfortable with the DJ. Additionally, this assures you of the person you are going to meet at your actual wedding.

How Long Have You Been A DJ And The Number Of Wedding Events Attended As A DJ

As they say experience is the best teacher. A truly professional wedding DJ should have experience. An experienced DJ is more stable and knows how to manage emergencies. Also the number of events he has ever performed as a DJ will assure you of his competence in delivery. Your wedding is not a platform for the new disk jockey to test the waters, look for the best when it comes to experience

How Diverse Is Your Knowledge Base and Music Playlist

Variety equals creativity. Dance club disk jockeys may not have enough in their play cards and may not carry an adequate library consisting of Classics, Soul, Soft Rock or Motown. The wedding DJ has to have rooted understandings of the classics as well as modern playlists.

How Will You Handle Emergencies

This begs the question, is your wedding DJ prepared? Weddings will not always run smooth and there are many things that might go wrong. The DJ must have a backup plan in case of power outages or system failure. The handling of these emergencies makes or breaks a DJ.

Are You Obliging And Accommodating

Many times you find that a DJ refuses to take requests from the guests choosing to play what is comfortable for him or what he has been asked to play by the couple. The DJ should be accommodating; he should take requests from the guests and fuse them to the playlist. A wedding DJ should also balance his professional preferences with event participants ‘requests while at the same time sticking to the theme.

How Much Will You Be Charging and Why

The question of money should be discussed before the contract is signed. The average fees for wedding DJ services in Brisbane is about $500 - $700. But this varies depending on the scale and requirements for the event. It is important to discuss the prices with the wedding DJ in person so as to come to an understanding.


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