Top 10 Sales Tips and Advices

Sales agents are faced with a lot of challenges in their area of business.  These personnel are on-call and prepared to meet all kinds of people.  Not to mention that they do not receive a stable monthly income, instead, relies on closed transactions. Their deals also matches on the country’s economy. 

On the other hand, people who are in sales have the possibility to decide how their day will be.  They can be in various places in a day or just prefer to stay and work from home. Aside from these, many agents have testified how these jobs can be lucrative and easy. Just like is any other jobs, it takes knowledge, skills and timing to be successful in any field.  That is why, we have listed these tips forsales agents aspirants, newbies and even for the seasoned ones.

1. Have a vast knowledge and beliefin the product – It is quite impossible to sell something that one has little information of.  Just imagine if buyer bombards you with questions on warranties, advantages, costing, etc.  With this, be ready to have all the answers.  Also, it would be a great advantage if the seller is a user of the merchandise as well.   If this happens, he is in the best position to advertise. 

2. Follow –up a customer through texts, calls, emails, or even visits – After a day or two, it is not bad to be in communication with the customer again.  At times, shoppers need a day or two to decide.

3. Be ready for alternatives, options and other selections – Be sure to have a list of possible options.  What a customer needs is a product that he exactly wants.  Few settle for mediocre services and goods.

4. Have plans on how to make money and payments easy – Expenses should appear light and simple.  Have a calculator, banking options and payment schemes.

5. Appear to be positive – People are drawn to positive people.  Always carry a smile and a solution to queries, concerns and stressful situations.

6. Give ample time for decision making – At times, the customer have heard all the information and the best thing to do is “leave” them for a while to decide.  This is especially true for couples who need to discuss between themselves first.  Give them time and come back when they are ready.

7. Know when to stop – Sales agent, even how persistent they are should know when to stop chasing a customer.  When a buyer says he will just get in touch, not get the product or he is still undecided, then, so be it.  One would not want to be annoying, right?

8. Be honest – At the end of the day, a customer representative does not want to be blamed for any problems or malfunction.  It is always wise to be direct and honest to a client.

9. Be sensitive to the needs of the customer – Some purchaser do not like asking questions.  It is therefore the job of the agent to have an intelligent guess of what he wants.  You make check on his expressions, business background and lifestyle.

10. Do not give-up – Obviously, if one wants to succeed, he has to try and try.  Most sales personnel do not get all the deals they want.  At times, it would take weeks or even months.  The key is to keep on trying and be patient.  Some may even try sales coaching by visiting this site:

Over all, just like any other job, being is sales is not as easy as it can be.  It takes dedication, persistence and hard work to make deals successful.  Instead of focusing on the quota, review the list, evaluate what one needs to change and be ready to adjust.


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