Branding Ideas That Make Your Products Stand Out

Do you dream of your business becoming the next Starbucks? Every coffee chain or coffee store has the potential of making a big name of themselves within their locality and beyond. It all depends on the quality of their products and the efficiency of their marketing and branding strategies. Having your name and products stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace is not easy but with clear focus and great ideas, your small start-up can become the next Starbucks. 

Branding Ideas That Make Your Products Stand Out


Loyalty Cards


Loyalty cards are a great way to retain your loyal customers. With these cards, they can purchase your coffee, meals, or whatever other products and services you are selling and earn loyalty points which can be redeemed for free meals, special offers, and other forms of discounts. A loyalty card differentiates between a walk-in customer and a loyal long-term customer. It is a branding and advertising opportunity that pays off each time the client removes the card from the wallet or purse. Apart from the branding advantages for your business, these cards make it easier to track sales and inventory. For your customers, it makes it easier and cheaper to make purchases while providing the convenience of transferring funds and purchasing gifts and e-gifts for friends and family.


Conference and Event Items


Major events and conferences provide a superb talking point for business interaction. To maximize on the marketing opportunities provided by such functions, you can add branded items to be used by participants. These will grab attention and stimulate discussion. And when the participants and guests take the items home, the branding and advertizing effect will last on and spread out long after the event is finished. Such branding items include promotional compendiums, branded lanyards, branded conference bags, custom USB drives, promotional pens and notepads, and custom-branded water. All these will not only get your brand noticed but will stand out from your competitors’ products.

Branded Clothing

Promotional clothing has always been very effective at producing high impression rates. Providing your staff or clients with promotional clothing bearing your brand names and logos is an effective way to get your products, name, website, and any messages across to your target market. T-shirts work superbly with a younger audience while embroidered polo shirt works best with adults and corporate types. Jackets work well for sporty types while safety wear is good for targeting working men/women.

Food Packaging

For maximum impressions, nothing works better than printed, handheld, Disposable coffee cups. They come in various convenient sizes and can be easily printed with whatever design you may have in mind. Apart from coffee cups, your business can benefit from branding using printed paper food containers, food buckets, printed table napkins, food packaging bags, and printed paper plates. If you are a restaurant or fast food joint owner, such branded food packaging speaks of style and draws in customers.     

There are many fabulous branding ideas that fit your type of business whether a small enterprise or a big corporate firm. For maximum exposure, branded items that can be carried around can offer the highest impact. Items used on a daily basis by a wide range of people, such as Disposable coffee cups, widen your market reach and produce the highest marketing


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