About the History of ByTowne Services


If you are wondering what the history behind ByTowne senior care is, they are the best senior home care in Ottawa. You can really be relaxed and relieved to know that their services are beneficial and essential in the lives of the elderly including your loved ones. You can also make sure that they have the secure and safe place because of the tightened 24/7 security that probes the place and the therapies that are offered to them such as pet therapies that ease their depression and loneliness.

This senior care service is owned by the Francis family, specifically Michael Francis. He is well known in the care of the elderly in the region of Ottawa and he specializes in many therapies that are for the elderly to prevent their loneliness, depression, and many negative effects with the help of his dog named, “Rocky”. With his pet and his energetic and bright smile, together with his companies and staffs, he and his teammates work together for the service of your loved ones need and assistance in every way.

Support, Love, and Kindness

Elderly and your loved ones need the three things, support, love, and kindness. They need these elements the most in their age. That is why, the staffs and the set of professionals have trained to be like these elements and use that to care for the elderly and your loved ones. The kindness when talking to the elderly, he love that they bring out when doing an activity, and the support they give hen your loved ones need them so.

In addition to that, the main element that binds the three elements is called Attention. Elderly and your loved ones need someone to talk to and they easily feel depression and sadness. That is why, attention is always provided in terms of care and keen supervision to have a safe and secure place for your loved ones and the elderly to live and nourish.

Lastly, when you are still doubting the services and the processes done in this Ottawa Home care called ByTowne Home Care Services, you can always check their website and search for th one that you are curious about.


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