Job Vacancies in Dubai: How to Get a Job in Dubai


Dubai has the most competitive job market in the whole world. Thousands of employees are desperately looking for job opportunities in Dubai. Most of them travel to Dubai in search of jobs. The most heart breaking and frustrating thing about job searching in Dubai is the poor response from agents. The main reason being the large volume of resumes they receive every day. There are chances that they will not see your resume even when you are the most suitable candidate for a specific vacancy. Below are the most important steps that will help you get a job in Dubai:

·         Directly apply for employer advertisements

Employers are advertising their job vacancies in newspapers. Khaleej times and Gulf news are the leading newspapers in Dubai. Google these names to find online editions of these websites. Major employers are also advertising jobs in their websites.

·         Download the “Dubai Job Secrets” e-book

This e-book contains all strategies and secret tips to find a job in Dubai. This is basically the best place you can get “Dubai specific” job searching tips.

·         Work with only reputable recruitment agencies

There are many agencies in Dubai but not all are providing quality services and are reliable. Below are two of them

Charter House Middle East 

Clarendon Parker 

For your own good it’s important that you establish a good relationship with the recruitment agency. Follow-up and look for local recruitment agencies in your country or state who is recruiting people for Dubai.

·         Stick with reliable online job boards

The following are websites with reliable vacancies 


·         Contact employers directly

If you find any vacances a dubai, market your skills directly to Dubai employers if you think your skills are important to a company in a particular industry.

To avoid scams, you will be required to do research on a recruiter’s methods and reputation before using their services. Any agency that asks for a registration fee should be avoided at all costs.

After the official hiring, a contract will be signed with the employer. Contracts can be unlimited or limited. A limited contract is set for a certain period of time but should not exceed four years. Renewal is also not guaranteed and if either party breaks a limited contract early, he or she may incur penalties. Unlimited contract is renewable and the contract may be terminated by either party as long as there is a 30 days’ notice given before.

If you have a job lined up for you, your visa application should be sent to the airport at the time of your arrival by the company, whereby a residency visa will be stamped in your own passport. If you are planning to bring your family to live with you, all you need to get is a family residence visa, which will allow you, sponsor your parents, children and spouse.


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