Animal Abuse Facts Everyone Should Know


We have had very many animal abuse cases today. And while sensitization against this vice is slowly picking up not everyone really understands how it works. Today we present to you some of the need to know facts about animal cruelty and what you can do to save every abused animal around your locality.

What Sums Up Animal Cruelty?

There are three main things that constitute animal cruelty. The very first one is neglect. If any pet or animal is denied food, shelter, water, medical care, socialization, or sanitation this will amount to neglect. The second part of animal cruelty is violence. Any signs of violence including torture, beating, and mutilation of an animal fall right into this category. You can know this by any signs of wounds or injuries. Finally the last part is crime. Any signs of stolen animals, negligence, and violence against animals are all punishable crimes. 

How Can You Get Evidence?

To get the most ideal evidence than can pitch a case and save an abused animal, you will require all the evidence that you can gather. It is always advisable to gather all the necessary evidence if you can and document them accordingly. These will include videos and photos of the animal and possibly all the dates, times, and circumstances that these took place. You can also involve some few pals to act as witnesses and provide the necessary backup statements.

How Is The Reporting Done?

Well reporting an incident of domestic violence against animals or humans requires you to put down a written documentation or statement. When doing this ensure you take a statements copy with you. You should also keep a careful record date, time, and who you spoke with. Note down the outcome of the discussion and the final laid out plan of action. In your report you should also include the following facts.
·         The name of the person allegedly involved.
·         The type of animal involved for instance a dog, cat, or horse.
·         State if the animal is owned by the person or if it stray.
·         The title of the person for instance dog owner or caretaker.
·         The number of animals involved and if they differ in type state.
·         Leave your full names and contact for any need that later arises.
·         The exact address, including street, door number, and directions.
·         The type of cruelty that you are looking at including neglect or violence. 

What Next When You’re Done?

When all this has been done you can check out a few ideal animal rights avenues to help you in pursuing the matter, often many people presume that just because they involved the police their situation will be dealt with accordingly. Well it might surprise you but not every day does that work.

Animal abuse is a crime in every state across the US. If you witness any signs of animal cruelty you should therefore report it immediately to the nearest police department and also contact the animal control agency. But for any emergencies you can directly reach out to 911.


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