Advantages of Artificial Plants


Thanks to the new technology that it has advanced by making artificial plants look so real. Sometimes making the difference between them and real plants is very small or even unnoticeable. Debate may arise that whether artificial plants or live plants are better for decoration purpose. Well, both have the advantages and disadvantages on their own, but it really depends on the taste of the decorator. No doubt that, natural plants are beneficial to the environment. They release oxygen and absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide. They give us food, stabilize humidity level and bring green color and a natural feel. Natural plants can be easily maintained when it’s an indoor desktop plant, but when it comes to outdoor plant or indoor plant for reception areas, you often need to employ someone to take care of them. Natural plants also need a caring hand when it comes to watering, fertilization, insect protection etc.

Today artificial plants and flowers are designed, molded and pigmented in such a way that they look and feel like real plants. Some artificial plants even have one or two wilted leaf and insect holes. On closer inspection, you may certainly mistake it for real. The technology has become advanced to create them high quality and long lasting. The leaves, stalks, stems etc. are coated with a thin polymer just like real plants are waxed naturally. As polymer coatings are many ways stronger than the natural waxing, the plants pigments are neither easily washed away by rain water nor faded by sunlight or dusting. They have many advantages in comparison to natural plants; some of them are listed below:

1.    Look natural while costing less: Artificial plants are almost indistinguishable from the live plants. They even sometimes look better and cost less because additional caring isn't required.

2.      Hassle Free–They require no maintenance fee, no special lighting, and no fertilizers. They don’t grow and they don’t need to be trimmed or watered.

3.    Evergreen- Artificial plants come ready to use and don’t change appearance or shed leaves with season. They just need to be placed in whichever location you feel is best for you.

4.  Flexibility - Because these artificial plants have no  requirements, you can place them either in direct sunlight or in shaded area. You can pick any variant or size of  plant because they are primarily chosen for appearance.

5.   Moveable–Having artificial plants means you can move them wherever and whenever you want. You are free to place them where you think they will look the best. They are also easier to re-pot should you fancy a new look, new shape, or new color planter.

6.     Durability - These plants will not die, they require no pruning and they maintain a desirable appearance even when they are not in season.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Artificial or fake plants also have many disadvantages. The plastics used in fake plants are not decomposable and hence don’t decay in soil with time. They have nothing beneficial to the animal and the environment. If you can sacrifice some time to care for your plants you can go for natural live plants. Watching a plant to grow and bloom will give you immense satisfaction.


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