Guide To The Best Bars In NYC

Call me a party animal but if there is anything that I love it’s having an ideal fun. From great dance floors, music rooms, haute cocktails, to unique cuisines, my party life never comes to an easy end. 

Last month I turned 34 and I chose to celebrate it in style, doing what I do best and pushing it to an all time new level - club hopping. At the end of the day when I sat down to do the math, New York City topped my all time chart for the greatest destination for ideal revelers.

From simple backstreet bars to the most elegant, stylish, and expensive bars NYC has it all. And as if that is not enough, NYC has hosted some of the most ideal events of the century. 

But which are some of the best bars in New York City? Well that depends on your choice but if you are a party hound like me, the following wouldn’t miss out on your list of NYC’s best.

The Back Room

Creepily located right down an alley way, behind fenced off staircase, at 102 Norfolk St - The Back Room will catch you pants down with its very ideal chandeliers, paintings, and glamorous couches. It has a unique touch to its drinks and ideal touch to its services.


Elegant, classy, and well rounded with expert mixologits, this one of a kind bar which is located at 9 Doyers Street will sweep you off your feet with its unique cocktails and very ideal setting.

2nd Floor On Clinton

This is one of the pricey joints within NYC that sings of class, elegance, privacy, and expensive ambiance. Lying on 67 Clinton Street, this bar will sweep you off your feet with its ideal touch of romance and its unique floor setting, but above all if you love pricey, then the drinks will come in handy.


I have been here before and I must admit that it left me with the most memorable feeling for my last birthday party. Awesome, unique, with contemporary aesthetic touch, Lulus flair and classic sophistication will leave you with varied experiences. And to spice up the whole thrill, this bar that sits right at 225 River Street will steal your heart with its ideal cocktails.

Le Bain

Class and elegance can never mix better - at La Bain you will down your cocktails while enjoying every ideal view of the Hudson River and the down town Manhattan. 

Nothing gets better than the thrill of enjoying your night out in the very best bars within NYC, so grab a few friends and explore the city.


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