Discrediting Popular WordPress Myths

Did you know that WordPress runs about 20 percent of all websites in the world, making it the most used CMS solution? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. 

However, despite the popularity of WordPress, we’ve got people who believe that this blogging platform isn’t great, and instead, these people believe that it sucks. 

Some of them say that WordPress is slow, not good SEO, it’s prone to malware, etc. – these are just myths.
In this post, we’re going to look at each and every myth out there about WordPress, and debunk them. In essence, this is a counter to the post on WordPress Myths. Let’s have a look at some of these myths.

Agonizingly Slow

The Myth: WordPress is very slow to an extent that it takes like forever to show your vanilla dashboard, and that it also fires up so many queries for displaying a few posts. 

The Truth: if your WordPress is slow, that’s a problem you’ve caused simply because you didn’t optimize the code. Better still; you can always make use of caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Prone to Malware

The Myth: WordPress is a powerful malware magnet, and that your blog is gonna be exposed to malware from the very first WordPress installation. Once a WordPress user has been infected by a malware, the only solution is a clean backup. 

Debunk: this is definitely a total lie! When it comes to malwares, the higher probability is that the problem is your computer. Therefore, before you blame it on WordPress, it is important that you try fixing your computer problems. 

Also, malwares in WordPress are brought about by bad themes. Use default themes or better, quality ones from genuine websites.

Resource-Hungry Monster

The Myth: when it comes to WordPress, you are required to use a server with humongous specs. This is because this blogging platform tends to use so much processing power and bandwidth.

The Truth: this is a wrong claim since every other CMS proprietary solutions experience similar issues. That is, in case you upload lots of pictures at once, WordPress leaves them in their default sizes, thus the sucking up of processing power. 

Avoid uploading large images and you’ll be good. You can also change image size under settings > media settings. Better still; if you’ve got a quality hosting partner, then you unlikely to experience such problems ever again.

A recommendable web hosting services is the Plus Hosting.

Not Good for SEO (search engines)

The Myth: WordPress is no longer a safe card if you wanna rank high. You tend to have a difficult time with the indexing with regards to your website. The myth is that you’ll always rank low unless you’ve got a unique name, and that your content is really, really good.

The Truth: for starters, you always need a great content to rank high on Google Ranks. Secondly, the myth is total crap! The main reason why WordPress is so popular is mainly because of its ability to easily rank high when it comes to SEOs. 

Remember that slow websites are never ranked high, thus the main reason why you ought to speed up your WordPress website. 

If you visit Las Vagas Internet Marketing Company you will realize that there exist a number of WordPress SEO solutions such as the Yoast WordPress plugin that you can use. And it won’t hurt to try CDN solutions like Cloudfront and Amazon S3.

Plugin Nightmare

The Myth: WordPress is full of plugin nightmares where clients may end up installing weird plugins that may jeopardize your website. And that most (if not all) WordPress plugins filthy and only bring about malwares.

The Truth: Well, this is a lie, and WordPress plugins are as good as you are with them. That is, if you are not good with the plugins, then you are doomed, and might end up experiencing the “plugin nightmare.”
Also, you can always limit permissions so that users aren’t allowed to install plugins.

Update Traps

The Myth: this is when some people believe that WordPress has loads and loads of frequent updates, most of which take forever to process. The myth also claims that WordPress updates can easily corrupt your database, leading to losing everything.

The Truth: this is so false! The updates are usually incredible and helpful, unlike with other proprietor solutions. The WordPress updates are very tricky, and that it depends with (again) the quality of you hosting.

Final Thoughts

So, is WordPress good or bad? Well, with so many CMS platforms around yet WordPress being the leading one, I think the answer speaks for itself. 

Every online business wants something quick, affordable and that’s gonna rank high on Google.
There is no better CMS solution around – the trick is to find a great hosting agent.           


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