Things People Fear When Buying a LOL Account

Whenever you have to purchase something there are a number of risks associated. Just like that, buying a LOL account is also full of a number of risks. There are several different factors that affect the risk of buying LOL accounts. However, you can overcome these risks by being very careful while purchasing a LOL account. There are a few things that most people fear while they are buying LOL accounts:

         Getting Banned

One of the most common fears that people face while buying LOL accounts is that the account might get banned. Therefore, it’s really important to choose the right place for buying the account. Your chances of getting your account banned increase when you buy your account from an auction website. Therefore, it’s important to buy it from a trust worthy platform. There are a wide number of authentic websites that are selling real LOL accounts. You should visit forums to check which websites are authentic.

         Account Hijacking

Another thing that people fear when they have to buy LOL account is that their account might be hijacked. This risk becomes stronger when you buy your account from an unauthentic platform, such as an auction website. There are a wide number of cheats on the Internet. It happens to many people that they buy account and someone claims is back later. So it’s possible that someone will sell their account, get money from you, and change the password and email again to get their account back.

     Bot Like Account Name

Name of LOL accounts is one of the biggest problems most buyers face. If you see names, such as ||||111|||IIII|||, then you have bought a bot account unfortunately. These accounts are likely to be banned fast. This means that you will end up losing money you spent to buy the account. Choosing the right selling platform is the only way to avoid this problem.

     LOL Accounts with No IP

People want to purchase a level 30 lol account because they wish to play ranked. However, there are people who sell LOL accounts with no IP. If you buy such an account, you won’t be able to buy champions. So with such an account you will have to spend a lot of money so as to frame the IP.  The only way to avoid buying a lol account with no IP is to buy it from an authentic platform. 

If you’re planning to buy a lol account, you should remember that it’s one of the trickiest tasks. You will have to be extra careful because there are a wide number of fraudulent companies that sell lol accounts. You should go to LOL forums and talk with the real buyers to know which platform is authentic. In this way, you will be able to save your money and time.


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