The Top 5 Sassy TV Shows Every Fashion Mania Should Watch

Ever pictured this glamorous world with flawless fashion for every setting? I have and how I wish I could live in it, where the bounty hunter has perfect Hansel and Gretel attire, the stunning dancer kills it with a Cinderella dress, the fashion blogger walks out in a fantastic high-low, and price charming woos the world in a sexy seductive denim top. Too bad that might never happen but lucky me some say Tv series gets me close to this fantasy. Here are the top 5 of these TV shows. 


It not all about drugs, music wars, and rap industry control, no! There is glamour that comes with how top characters in this season’s premier dress. If you love to see an additional sense of class, elegance, and style in fashion you will love Empire and track up a few other characters such as Cookie, Hakeem, Jamal, and Luscious – the Lyon himself. Trust me if reign has classy dresses then Empire’s got style and elegance.


It’s never a peaceful day for the little Rosewood busy bodies. Between their studies and their social lives is a strong desire to try and figure out who murdered their best buddy. But all the same these gals don’t disappoint. Apart from keeping you glued with lies, more lies, and lies, they will thrill you with their taste in fashion. Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer have it all in place at the Pretty Little Liars corner. 

Gossip Girl

Guess it’s never too late to recapture a few episodes of the GG. GG is simply epic in its own way, the shared text messages on scoops, scandals, and heartbreaks don’t seem to end. No one cares if the next guy went to college or got a career, it’s all one big world of their own and GG is the single mystery that bonds them all. This six seasoned series will still get you behind the screen with its unending touch of fashion as Serena, Blair, Chuck and Nate lead the pack.


Reign is simply thunderous. Mary Q of Scotland goes to France to secure Prince Francis’ hand in marriage in a politically instigated alliance. But in between them is Bash, Francis’ half brother who Mary finds really fascinating. The question is who wins her heart? And does the alliance bear fruits? But the most intriguing concept is how reign wraps up fashion, jewelry, and style in this epic battle of the throne.


It’s Vince, Ari, Eric, and Turtle down the road to Tinseltown. Just another group of buddies out to explore the world and find out what lies along their way, tempers could flare, new characters might come into play but one thing that never stops is an awesome fashion trend.

A fashion mania or not there are some cool trends you could nail in various TV shows today. So don’t wait any longer and start collecting your best series.


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