Maximizing Your “High” State: Simple Things You Could Do


It’s ever stoner’s dream to hit the perfect “high” that for sure. Too bad it never come easy unless you know what to do to nail it. Well that could take time and a lot of experience. That’s why I’ve decided to share a few ideal tips on how to maximize the effect of your pot joint in case you are a guy who never gets satisfied easilyJ. Here is every one of them made simple for you to grasp! 

Choose a strain with high THC level. Certain strains will have more THC than CBD levels. THC is the most psychoactive part or marijuana that is responsible for making you high. On the other hand CBD is less psychoactive and will cool down the effects of THC. Having a high level THC strain is awesome if you want the thrill to go past the roof. 

Try using oils and concentrates too. Marijuana has a number of concentrates such as the “wax” and “shatter” or even oils. These products are cool to hit if you want to get the maximum high. They are often made out of CO2 and Butane solvents. The solvents job is to isolate terpene, cannabinoids, and essential oils in order to get a concentrated mass of high THC content. 

Use Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Water Pipes. Because you want a highly concentrated THC content you’ll need to use the right devices that can maximize the thrill. Instead of using a bowl, take your time to find a good bong, vaporizer, or glass water pipes. These devices filter your weed so that the THC content you get is close to 80% plus concentrated. Use bongs that have ice catcher and an ideal heat resistance. 

Tweak it up with some edibles. Unlike smoked weed that act fast and get you high quickly, the marijuana edibles will take long to digest, longer to make you high, and longest to lose all their effects. This is because the THC in edibles don’t go straight to your brain but to the liver where they convert into 11-hydroxy-THC before the cannabis releases the THC to the brain. Think of brownies, candies, caramels, and salsas. 

Try to smoke while exercising. Finally the truth is out! a recent study has revealed that the high effects of cannabis comes as a result of activating the endo-cannabinoid system. This is a natural analog of THCJ. They give the body pretty much the same effects as that of marijuana. They even help to cope up with stress. Therefore if you hit a joint of cannabis before hitting the track you’d activate the receptors and indeed maximize on the THC effects.

Like the saying goes if you want more, ask for more and it shall be given onto you! Choose only the best tips that will send you to the clouds the next time you hit on that joint and maximize on them. Smoking marijuana buds are cool and that’s why satisfaction should be key. Buy the pipes online and get ready to savor the thrill.


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