Tulga Demir


Tulga Demir is the CEO of Demir Energy, LLC a leading Oil and Energy Company in Greater Nashville Area (Louisville Kentucky). Tulga is highly known as a motivational and gifted leader who has robust entrepreneurial qualities and brilliance. He has an outstanding career in the Real Estate development and also in the oil and gas exploration, production, and development. Tulga Demir attained his professional training form the University of Wisconsin-Superior in 1996 – 2003 and then Florida International University form 2001– 2003. After his graduation Tulga chose to pursue his professional career as a real estate, energy, and oil ace that he has become today. 

Since his graduation Tulga has had the opportunity to lead some of the biggest oil and energy companies. Between 2010 and 2015 Tulga Demir was the Chief Executive Officer of Global Energy Acquisitions, LLC (GEA). He was a Co-founder and one of the most ideal contacts for GEA’s activities across Kentucky and Tennessee. Under Tulga Demir GEA focused on an oil and gas exploration activities, and the development, and production of gas and oil. GEA was a geographically focused company that concentrated on the strategic exploration & drilling programs, acquisition & development of oil reserves, and advanced technological oil recovery capabilities in Kentucky and Tennessee.

In 2015 and after a successful stint with Global Energy Acquisitions, LLC (GEA), Tulga Demir founded the Demir Energy, LLC as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. His main focus was still on the geographical area of Kentucky. The company erected its headquarters in Louisville, KY and chose to specialize on oil and gas exploration, production, development, and above all the Waste-To-Energy Power Production Solutions.

Today Mr. Demir is boundlessly recognized worldwide for his fascination and commitment to the exploration of clean and renewable energy. He has also added a great job in his commitment of creating clean electricity from biomass. Tulga Demir insists that these ideas are meant to help ensure that the future generations enjoy a sustainable energy source. 

Tulga Demir’s success can be attributed to his hard work and seamless fusion of his very best acquired skills including knowledge of oil and gas exploration, business contract and deal negotiations, strategic management, risk management, business planning, corporate financing skills, venture capital management, and asset management and acquisition. 

Tulga and Company have constantly advocated for and supported the following issues: animal rights and welfare, economic empowerment, care and preservation of the environment, disaster & humanitarian relief, poverty alleviation via research, and social services among the rest.


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