Helping My Father To Find The Best Cannabis Strain

My father had for a long time been a marijuana addict. Well this never went down quite well with my aging mother or even my other siblings. In most times my dad would come back home high on marijuana and while he praised every marijuana puff that he took, we never found anything fascinating about it. However, when my dad finally retired and it was his time to settle down every member of our family had found this behavior to be quite out of line with our religious norms. So we set out to find the most ideal rehabilitation program that would ensure that our dad had completely walked out of this marijuana addiction.

Once out there a rehab was bound to come and by the end of a week’s search we had already established the most ideal rehab center for our dad. When we finally talked him into joining the rehab, he embraced the program so well that by the end of the first month my dad was already shading off the behavior. To the amazement of everyone in the family he was even ready to go an extra mile and get rid of his cannabis stock that always lay pretty in his study room.

But something was not quite right with my dad. Ideally he was getting constant back aches, very strong headaches, and above all he was losing his sleep across the nights. With such unrelenting health complications we had in turn started to get worried. So we decided to get the view of an expert medical professional. With our first appointment to the doc, my dad was going to need another dose of medicinal marijuana to help him put to check his constant pains and headaches. 

The thing is that while we didn’t need any more marijuana cultivation for our dad, we had to contend with the fact that it was usually because of his cannabis that my dad had never felt such old age pains before. So with the help of his doctor, we chose the most ideal pain reliever cannabis strain for our dad.                   

The bubblegum strain proved to be such an ideal pain reliever for our dad. In fact after sometime we opted to do ideal marijuana cultivation for the same strain. In addition to that we talked our dad into using his smoke sparingly, and at the end of the day it worked out just fine.                  


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