Lessons For An Ideal Wedding Plan


Until when I was getting married it never occurred to me how demanding organizing a wedding could be. Ideally I had always thought that the people who always felt the pinch of organizing a wedding were the wedding planners, and probably the loved ones to the bride. But I was wrong, right from the onset I had gotten the wedding ideas pretty much out of place. So when it came down to my wedding, it was time for me to learn. 

Number Of Guests

My wedding lesson number one started with the guests. Well you may be wondering why it didn’t begin with the wedding bands being that a wedding should always be nothing short of entertainment. If you do then you must be in the same boat like I was at that moment. Ideally the number of guests that I was to invite would prove to be quite helpful in determining my budget, and even the size of my reception. Therefore indeed I had to be certain of the number of guests that I had to invite before settling down for any other thing.

Wedding Date

With this done to my best it was time for my lesson number two. This one looked more important than even the number of guests that I wanted to invite. But just like my wedding planner had put it across, it was viably the second and as the student I had no choice but to oblige. Under this I was to check out if my wedding date fell squarely on the same day as any other event that might have interfered with the traffic or even the availability of hotel rooms. The dates may include trade conference or even a charity walk.

Watch The Weather 

And then it was time for lesson number three, and surprisingly the all important wedding bands were still not appearing in my list. But as my wedding planner later told me wedding entertainment is usually all inclusive. By that it meant that for everyone in attendance to enjoy a wedding, it had to be set rightly from the beginning to the end. So when heeding to nature’s call came in on third, I had to listen. Well guests have been known to avoid weddings that fall on bugs infested area, improperly heated winter loft receptions, and hotter than hot summer receptions. So I had to keep an eye on the weather so as to keep my event in place too.

Go Credit

Lesson number four proved the need of taking advantage of the high costs of planning my wedding. Ideally my planner from Jewish Wedding Music advised me to grab a credit card with a few viable reward programs. So that with any reward whether on airline miles or shopping extravaganza I still had something to earn from it all.                                     

Then the last and more formidable lesson was lesson number five. Always learn to pay forward, in simple terms let one vendor lead you to the next, your florist can lead you to an ideal photographer, and in turn the photographer will advice you on the band that packs the dance floor.                                          


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