Handling The Travel Mishaps In The Most Ideal Way


At forty five I have had the privilege of travelling in a long time. From my teen holiday trips, my collage years, to current job retreats I have been in it all. Yet I haven’t had the chance to experience any travel mishaps. Not that I am praying for one but it’s only because I have always wondered the few that existed and how best one would respond to them. In my wonder though I have been able to take my time and research on some of the best ways that I would respond to some of the most avid crisis once they happen during my trip.

The first one that had bothered me for a very long time was in case my travelling documents got lost. Well you never know, stuff happens and it would even be pretty much worse if they would happen when you are in a foreign land. So getting prepared with some of the most ideal solutions would just be fine. What I learned is that it is always in order to scan a copy of your travel documents and probably save them in your mail. If possible send a few others to loved ones. Just in case you go missing you can be traced. And if your travel documents get lost you will have some copies when you have finally reported to the local police, written a statement, and in presented yourself to your country’s embassy offices. 

But again another thing that might just wreck your trip is the loss of your wallet. I know this sound strange and confusing, but well it happens sometimes even while still in the plane. If it does never panic, report it to the airline authorities, contact your travel insurance agency for compensation, but above all always keep up a decoy wallet. And if possible some stashed up cash in your luggage for such desperate times. Yet if it happens after you have left the airport, having the local police look at it would be quite ideal.

Another thing that you never want to happen to you, is to miss a plane, a luggage, or even have a luggage that weighs more than the exceeded weight. If you take your time and read the article Learning The Travel Etiquettes From My Mistakes you will find that more than enough stuff can happen on your trip and simply have you cursing the day. But if you happen to miss a plane you wouldn’t need to panic for first you should know it’s your own making. You could have overslept, came out of the house late, or overlooked the traffic. So simple talk to the airline authority they could be able to have you in another flight or even give you a reimbursement if possible.              

The same applies to when your luggage is misplaced, lost, or damaged. Simply contact the airline authorities and they would track your luggage. If possible keep a picture of your luggage as that would ideally allow them an easy track. Possibly leave your address and they will deliver it to you and compensate you on agreement.


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