How To Buy Best PCI-E Riser


If you want to buy a new pcie riser, then it's good to know a few things about the basic features that forms significant parts of your systems configuration. PCI-E riser is basically a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express with a printed circuit board that rises above the system board that picks up numerous signal lines through a single connector and distributes them through dedicated connectors. There are some facts on how to Buy best pcie riser, you must consider when buying the best pcie riser.

Motherboard’s Manual

Buying the best PCI-E Riser for your system can be somewhat tricky. In order to know which pcie riser you can buy in your PC, you should first check your motherboard's manual. You will get the number of available ports and the interface type mentioned in the motherboard's specifications.

There are two different sizes of slots on your motherboard that can determine which pcie riser size to choose, these are
PCI-E 1X slot which allows only one connection to the motherboard and PCI-E 16X slots which allows up to 16 connections to your motherboard. Some motherboards also have powered pcie slots that cannot require a pcie riser but in most cases it requires additional power connection. Therefore it is very important to thoroughly check your motherboard and understand what kind of slot your use first before going for your pcie riser.

Other motherboards can be designed to accommodate both PCI and others can use PCIe. Others can have additional options to change the AGP-port slot for PCIe 16x slot, meaning that with the PCIe add-on and AGP or a PCIe 16x slot as number one slot and PCI slot as number two slot, your PCIe 16x will work.

One simple trick on how to buy best pcie riser you should perform is on your motherboard especially when your pcie 1x fails to respond is installing a jumper wire on the PCI-E 1X slot. This is another important fact that enables your motherboard to recognize your PCIe slot to enable you to test the performance of your new PCIe.

Card Interface

You should check PCI-E Riser interface before buying and make sure that there are PCI-E Riser slots available in your computer. If the card uses a different interface, then check that your motherboard supports the specific port.


One misconception many people hold is that most expensive pcie riser is the best. But you must compare between the price and other the features such as output, memory and the rate of refreshing. You must also research on where to by your pcie risers to get the best deal. You must get a reputable supplier who can sell quality pcie risers to you at the best price. For instance you can buy the best available PCI-E Riser and PCI-E Riser Cables from pcie riser to get the best deal online.


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