Dibba Cruise in Dubai

Taking a cruise in Dibba and sightseeing the Musandman fjords can be one of the greatest life experiences. It involves real enjoyment on a traditional Omani dhow and admiring the amazing sea activities, full of fun and beauty. It provides a great opportunity for fun and relaxation in life especially if you are a marine lover. Taking a plunge in Indian Ocean waters while the Arabic dished are prepared for you, swimming in a picnic lunch can render the best and memorable opportunities in life.

Musandam Dibba Cruise Experience

First of all, transferring from your hotel to MusandamDibba can be another thrilling experience. The 2 hours trip will start at 7:30 am and you will be led through the new highway Emirates Road by the tour guides. You will pass through the beautiful golden sands and Hajar Mountains until you reach Dibba bay where you will enjoy the amazing traditional cruise, while passing by the natural beautiful carved caves, through the deserted and Ziggy beaches.

Musandam Dibba is located at the beautiful coastline. It is the most powerful tourism attraction centre which includes the steep mountain range of Hajar and the emerald blue sea full with exotic marine life, where there is a fleet of wooden Dhow waiting. The interior of the Dhows is set with carpets, pillows, and air conditioned cabins for a more rustic experience.  You can sleep on the open double deck or single deck dhows and enjoy your comfort as you will be served with refreshments and Arabic dishes by the courteous staff. There are self catering options in the dhow cruises, you will be provided with necessary utensils and everything else you’ll need.

You can also book an overnight cruise on a private charter and enjoy the creme de la creme of Musandam dhow cruise experiences. For more information about booking, you can take time and read more in best Dubai Holidays. There are different dhow cruise activities that can suit all ages, interests and all lifestyles, such as kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, traditional hand-line fishing, banana boat riding, village walks, sightseeing, dolphin watching. You can also take a speed boat and enjoy a relaxed moment on the sandy beach. If you are a qualified diver, there are equipments available in the dhow cruises for you.

Dibba cruise are synonymous with the Dubai way of life, particularly at the coastal places. All inclusive Dubai holidays offers all information and expert advice you may need about Dibba Cruise in Dubai. You need to check the available options before booking because there are notable options for you. There are entertainment options like recorded music and traditional belly dancing. You will be offered with Arabian and Asian food items and beverages. Ghanjah, Battil, Boum, Badan and the Baggarah are among the different traditionally constructed dhow options you will choose.


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