Dining Under Backyard Wood Oven Pizza Party


No one can deny that dining down under a backyard with a wood pizza oven can be an exciting event. They are the most efficient forms of cooking and it can be very interesting if you plan a pizza party. They have been available for many years around the world.

How you can get the best with wood fired pizza oven

Wood preparation

The traditional wood fired pizza oven is a unique oven which is made from ceramic materials that absorb heat from the pieces of wood for a long time after the fire has begun. After absorbing enough heat, you can release it to the space where the backing takes place. That is why the wood fired ovens provide the best pizzas because they evenly release heat all around. It doesn’t need any preheating like other modern home ovens and there is no electric consumption.But you need the wood that is dry and even in length with some good and dry kindling without any accelerant, because it leaves back a smell which can affect the quality of pizza you need.

You must get seasoned, split and ready to burn pieces of wood. Make sure they are dry and similar in size because if they are not similar, your fire will be uneven hence taking longer for your oven to heat to the desired temperature. You can also be aware of painted woods as they can contain toxins when burning.

Start your fire

With all your pieces of wood ready, you need to start your fire by using crumpled papers. Put the papers at the floor of the oven bellow the kindling and the small pieces of wood. Ensure that there is enough space for air circulation and start the fire. Keep in mind that too little fire will burn off quickly and fail to start and too much of it can suffocate. Now you can be adding your pieces of wood one by one, graduating their size as the fire grows until you have good fire burning.

Air circulation

There must be good air circulation inside the oven when the fire is burning. Do not allow any smoke in the wood fired pizza oven. You can get it out by inserting an aluminum rod in and out.

After burning for a period of 2 hours you can get rid of any ash from the floor by pouring water on the floor and seeping it out. You can now close the oven and check if the temperature is right for cooking.


If the temperature is good you can now push your fires to one side and start cooking you pizzas, bread or anything you want to prepare for your diner. The balanced heat from top, walls and floor is conducted around your food, cooking it to perfection, making it very delicious and attractive without rotating it.


You can enjoy cooking as your mind is relaxed with a new experience of cooking with the pizza oven. At the same time you can be entertaining your guests in the backyard as they are focusing the on the cooking. The benefits of using the wood fired pizza oven are great and exciting as cooking pizza and bread are perfect with it. But the best it can do for you is giving your food a unique taste and cooking with every kind of mind.

Nowadays people enjoy the unique tastes. Others love the new concept of dining under the backyard. Even though in some places outside kitchen is normal and part of their living. You must agree that the natural weather makes it different and new. All dinner party friends can enjoy, not forgetting the relaxation and comfort you can experience while cooking for your loved ones.

There is nothing enjoyable than having your own pizza oven. It is better to invest in your own pizza oven and make pizza yourself instead of getting it from a pizza store or a restaurant. Whether your kitchen is spacious, it is far much better to have your pizza under your backyard because you will still be happy with it and your family will enjoy the new method of cooking.

Your dining must be a happy event because it can be memorable to your family and all guests. You can therefore make your own pizza, with a different taste. This oven is constructed to fulfill the need of pizza lovers and the joy of your family. They come in different sizes and different prices. It is required to check and compare their features before buying. If you decide to build it on your own, you must use dense fire bricks. However, you must do enough research to understand the needed materials and build your own wood fired pizza oven in your backyard.


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