Refugees Around The World

When you hear about the word refugees, you recall places like Darfur and you can clearly imagine about human cruelty imposing suffering on other human beings. You can also imagine the hospitality of other people in other countries that open the doors to accommodate those people that have fled from their native land and sometimes they wish to obtain citizenship's in those countries such as the United States. The question of refugees around the world is an ongoing problem because there are people all over the world suffering in different ways.

Under international law, they are people who are outside their country of nationalities or habitual residences due to well founded fear of persecution, on account of different reasons such as political opinions, race and religion.

Number Of Refugees Around The World

There are approximately 45.2 million refugees around the world and third world countries currently host over 80% of the world’s refugees. Over 15.4 million victims were displaced in 2012 with over 23,000 displacements daily from their homes to seek protection elsewhere either within their countries or other countries.

Pakistan hosted the largest number of refugees around the world in the year 2012 with 1,638,456 refugees while Afghanistan was the biggest source country. Australia had 0.3% of refugees around the world which included Asylum seekers whereby South Africa had the largest number of Asylum seekers. ¼ of total refugees around the world ware from Afghanistan with 95% located in Pakistan or Iran. 48 percent of refugees were women and girls and 46 percent of refugees were under 18 years old. It is approximated that 7.6 million victims were newly displaced in 2012 with 1.1 new refugees. Since the year 1999, this was the largest number of new arrivals.

Somali presents the worst humanitarian disaster in the world where there are wars and droughts. Thousands of Somalis are arriving in Dadaab, Kenya every week due to the available crisis in that part of the world. Migrant And Refugee Community is one of the self led organizations that has the capability of helping the exhausted families with urgent care.

More positive solutions need to be reached to provide massive humanitarian assistance because the lives of these victims are at stake. Australia as one of the countries that offers annual contributions to UNHCR and the Migrant And Refugee Community’s protection programs and emergency services such as Syria, Sudan, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo and the protracted situations of refugees from places like Afghanistan and Myanmar. It houses some of the Refugees around the World, so it should be praised for its commitment to financing global refugee protection.

Even though United States accepts limited number of refugees every year from around the world, a refugee may gain permanent residence if he faces a well founded fear of persecution in his or her own homeland. This government should also be praised for its commitment in providing this admission to the refugees around the world.


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